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Council and Executive Board

Madeline Gleason - President

Maddie is a senior from Manhattan Beach, California studying Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Corporate Practice. She serves as President of the Engineering Leadership Council, working with club leaders across the College of Engineering to strengthen the student and administrative community within the College. As President this year, she hopes to enhance ELC’s presence within the College, leading academic, professional, and service events. Apart from ELC, Maddie can be found dancing in Notre Dame’s student lead Dance Company, tutoring in the Writing Center, or running around in Lewis Hall’s chicken suit.

Kendyll Kraus- Vice President

Kendyll Kraus is a junior Computer Science major, and she is serving as the Vice President for the University of Notre Dame’s Engineering Leadership Council. As VP, she acts as the Junior chair for Engineering Industry Day, coordinates committee chairs, and assists the President with project planning. Her goal for this year is to continue to expand Notre Dame’s ELC and have an even greater impact on the College of Engineering as a whole.

Anna Kluender - Secretary

Anna is a Chemical Engineer with a French supplementary major from Southern Indiana living in the Finest Hall on campus, Farley Hall. Anna was a member of First Year Engineering Council last year and is the current Secretary of ELC. On campus, Anna is a tour guide, the Secretary of ELC, a Co-Outreach director for SWE, and an undergraduate research assistant in the Ashfeld Organic Chemistry Lab. You can find Anna tearing up the field playing for Farley’s flag football B team (go Finest) or watching This Is Us during her breaks between classes.

Sam Scaglione - Treasurer

Samantha Scaglione is a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Corporate Practice, but she enjoys pretending she’s an Arts and Letters major when she goes to Waddick’s for her daily iced coffee. Samantha is originally from Long Island, New York, and misses her dog, bagels, and real pizza in that order. In addition to serving as the treasurer for ELC, Samantha serves as the President of the Engineering Honors Program, the Chair of the Events and Promotion Committee on the Club Coordination Council, the Chair of Information and Technology for the Notre Dame Make-A-Wish Club, the Chair of Cavanaugh Hall Spiritual Life Council, and a Thrive Well-Being Leader for the McWell Center. Samantha, as the sole student on campus who lives closer to Rolfs Rec Center but prefers Rockne Memorial, can be commonly found in the basement of the Rock pretending that working out makes up for dining hall mozzarella sticks.

Seth Cattanach - Website Manager

Seth is a sophomore computer engineering student originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. On campus, he's involved with ELC and College Mentors for Kids, and holds a part-time position with University Facilities Information. He's also a proud member of St. Edward's Hall, and enjoys interhall sports of every kind. Apart from working with technology, he enjoys playing tennis, Nordic skiing, playing piano, and hiking in the Boundary Waters with friends. Seth was previously a member of the First Year Engineering Council (FYEC), and this year, he will serve as the website manager for ELC.

Grace Schippers - Director of Sponsorship

Grace Schippers is a sophomore from Olathe, Kansas studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working on starting a speaker series as the Director of Company Relations for the Engineering Leadership Council and was formerly the Engineering Industry Day Company Relations Director and First Year Engineering Council President. On campus, she also enjoys working as a Student Assistant for first year engineering classes. In her free time, Grace loves supporting her hometown teams, the Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting KC, solving logic puzzles, and traveling to explore new places. She can often be found working on homework in Lafun with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz ice cream.

Emily Black - Director of FYEC

Emily is an environmental engineering major currently living in Cavanaugh Hall. She has a strong interest in energy and water treatment and currently works in Dr. Doudrick's sustainable water treatment lab. Outside of ELC, Emily is executive leadership on the Student Energy Board and is apart of the club golf team. She is looking forward to working with ELC and mentoring the FYEC as the First-Year Students develop effective leadership and organizational skills.

Daniel Petracek - Director of Outreach

Daniel Petracek is a sophomore civil engineering major. He hopes to establish a long-standing relationship between engineering students and the South Bend area so that students can put their technical skills to use. Daniel is a Kansas City, KS native, but now calls O'Neill (Family) Hall his home. A proud alum of the First Year Engineering Council, he is also fan of (superior) South Dining Hall's Burger Night. Daniel has no regard for the unathletic engineer stereotype, having scored (count them), not one, but two "buckets" in the same basketball game. Though such a feat is considered to be a peaking experience by most, he is adamant that he is still climbing to new heights. As a civil engineer, Daniel is going to build the best doggone bridge the world has ever seen.

Dominic Bozzo - Director of Graphic Relations

Dominic is a sophomore Computer Science student with an analytic mind and a knack for obscure references who is interested at the integration of technology and business analytics. A true suburban adventurer, he can be found running, playing volleyball, wakeboarding, or perusing your local Trader Joe's in his free time. Last sighting on campus was likely giving a tour to prospective students, playing spikeball, slaving away in the basement study room of Fisher Hall, or valiantly serving the Engineering Leadership Council.