College of Engineering Available Programs  
  As the head and meeting point for all clubs in engineering, JEC has taken the responsibility of aiding its student body and guiding it academically. We have used this space to give a summary of the majors, concentrations, minors, multiple degree options, and researcher opportunities. We will link you to the original content as well as give you some potential contacts in helping you decide your path in life!  

Degree Programs



Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Dual Degree (Five-Year Programs)



Additional Requirements

Engineering/Arts and Letters

B.S. in any engineering discipline and a B.A. in any field in the College of Arts and Letters

45 additional hours of course work:

  • One additional history or social science course
  • One additional literature or fine arts course
  • One Arts and Letters course
  • Thirty credits of course work in the major field selected.


M.B.A. degree while finishing your engineering degree. Engineering students apply for admission to the M.B.A. program in their junior year.
  • M.B.A. classes senior year
  • Complete degree requirements for both programs on the fifth year


Although there is no official program, an appropriate plan can be created through discussion with appropriate advisors in both colleges. Varies on decision of advisor