What is the largest engineering department at Notre Dame?

The largest engineering department at Notre Dame is Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Does every senior have to do a senior proelct?

Most seniors will do a senior design or capstone proelct, depending on their engineering department. The ELC strongly supports these proelcts as they are heavily application based and grant Notre Dame students tangible, hands on experiences in their field of study prior to graduating.

Is it possible to major in engineering and something else?

Most engineering students will pursue one engineering major with either a minor or specific concentration depending on the engineering department. Provided you have fulfilled some of your university requirements before entering Notre Dame or during summer sessions, the ability to pursue a second major is plausible. Most professors recommend you discuss your specific situation with your academic advisor as your advisor will be able to give you the most individualized advice.

How does the ELC communicate with engineering students on campus?

The Engineering Leadership Council facilitates discussion between the College of Engineering and the students. Our primary use of communication is our website where you can find important information about our current officers and upcoming events. Additionally we have a Facebook page and we encourage engineering students to follow our page to learn about ELC events on campus. Lastly, before important events we usually email students within the college of engineering updated and detailed information regarding these events.

How do I get involved with the Engineering Leadership Counil or the First Year Engineering Council?

The FYEC accepts applications from first year students for that year's council during September. Decisions are released in early October, and the council begins planning first year events immediately. FYEC membership has increased in recent years to facilitate as much positive communication with first year students as possible. We've found almost all first years who participate in the FYEC declare an engineering major. The ELC accepts applications for upcoming year's council during February of the current year. However, members with leadership positions in the various engineering clubs on campus also participate on ELC meetings and event planning. If you are looking for more information we encourage you to submit a question in or Q/A panel or email the ELC directly.

I'm a freshman and don't know if I want to major in engineering. Can I still apply to be on the First Year Engineering Council?

Absolutely! Our First Year Engineering Council is designed to help first year students learn more about the college of engineering and the specific engineering departments through dialogue based events facilitated by the council. While the FYEC is responsible for planning these events, students on the council observe the positive environment for communication between College of Engineering hadministrators/professors and the students.