First Year Information

While Notre Dame does not allow first years to declare their major until the spring semester, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the different engineering departments.

What to Expect During Your First Year

Students who enroll with the intention to major in Engineering are placed in several general engineering courses based on the credit they enter University with. An example schedule is shown below.

Fall Schedule

  1. Writing & Rhetoric
  2. Principles of Calculus OR Calculus I
  3. General Chemistry
  4. Engineering Design
  5. Moreau First Year Experience
  6. **Optional** Core Course

Spring Schedule

  1. University Seminar
  2. Calculus I OR Calculus II
  3. Physics I
  4. Engineering Computing
  5. 2nd Chemsitry OR Tech Elective
  6. Moreau First Year Experience

To explore the different engineering departments further, click here