First Year Engineering Council (FYEC)

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Mission Statement: The First Year Engineering Council is the First-Year division of the Engineering Leadership Council. In this role, we work to establish a meaningful relationship between the students and faculty of the Notre Dame College of Engineering. Through our events, we provide engaging opportunities for students to learn, interact, and serve. We enable First-Year students to explore the various fields within engineering and volunteer in the South Bend community.

Contact Us:
Ethan Sunshine		FYEC President
Sarah Bsales		FYEC Vice President
Erin Glendon		FYEC Secretary
Trent Robinett		FYEC Treasurer
Sarah Bsales, Colleen Cahill, Andrew Chen, Michael Dugan, Kelsey Foley, Erin Glendon, Zephan Enciso, Lisa Huang, Jake Huber, Steff Keene
Leah Knight, Mark Legendre, Maria Lengwin, Caroline Lewis, Anna Luong, Abbey Martin, Katie McHugh, Nicholas Orr, Dan Palmer, Ricardo Pozas
Michael Ragnoni, Trent Robinett, Hannah Sarkey, Robert Scott, Jeongseok Suh, Ethan Sunshine, Zoe Surma, Mackenzie Winton, Allison Zammit, Jiaming Zhang
Interested in joining the FYEC for 2018-2019?

The Engineering Leadership Council is now seeking applications for the First-Year Engineering Council! This is an exciting opportunity for first-year engineers to develop their skills, connect with fellow engineering students, and gain valuable leadership experience.

FYEC is a branch of ELC for First-Year engineers. You'll design events specifically for your fellow First-Year engineers, get to know the other FYEC members, and have a leadership opportunity early in your college career! FYEC is designed to develop your skills as an organizer, leader, and team player. With ELC members acting as your mentors, you will learn how to navigate the resources available to you through SAO, the College of Engineering, and other places. These skills will be valuable to you and will transfer to other clubs, activities, and even jobs.

The time commitment is about 1 hour in a normal week and 2-4 hours a week if you have an event coming up. Meetings will be scheduled after membership is determined so that we can find the best time for everyone.

Ready to sign up?

Fill out this Google Form to apply now using this link.

Please apply by Friday, September 14! Final decisions will be emailed by Wednesday, September 19 and FYEC will have its first meeting by the end of September.